The Author

At present Consulting EngineerGM HYDRO
Technical DirectorFranco Tosi S.p.A
Technical DirectorVoith Riva Hydroart S.p.A.
Technical DirectorRiva Hydroart S.p.A.
Technical Deputy Director Hydroart S.p.A. ( Ansaldo Riva Tosi )
Assistant to Technical DirectorHydroart S.p.A. ( Ansaldo Riva Tosi )
Hydraulic Turbine Design ManagerHydroart S.p.A. ( Ansaldo Riva Tosi )
Responsible for Hydraulic Turbine DesignCoemsa S.A. ( Brasile)
Hydraulic Turbine DesignerHydroart S.p.A. ( Ansaldo Riva Tosi )
Mechanical DesignerSimaco S.p.A.

Mechanical Engineering Degree obtained at the Politecnico of Milano

Formerly holder of some patents in the hydroelectric field

Formerly member of ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Formerly member of IAHR (International Association for Hydraulic Research)

Formerly member of ANIMA (Federation of National Associations of Mechanical Industry, various and similar)